Past events list

FITUR 2019
UNWTO.TedQual Seminar in Tokyo, Japan
Celebración Oficial Día Mundial del Turismo 2018 - Turismo y la transformación digital
2nd Ministerial Roundtable, 2018 Japan Tourism EXPO
FITUR 2018
World Tourism Day Official Celebration
Asamblea General - Vigésima segunda reunión
Accounting and Statistics for Sustainable Tourism - Lunchtime Seminar
FITUR 2017
13th UNWTO Awards
VII Tourism Investment and Business Forum for Africa - INVESTOUR 2016
12th UNWTO Awards
FITUR 2016
Cuarta Cumbre Mundial sobre Turismo Urbano
Conferencia OMT para el Desarrollo del Talento y Educación
UNWTO Practicum Workshop on Crisis Communications in Tourism
4th UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and the Media - Building new partnerships, Tunis, Tunisia, 12-13 November 2015
World Tourism Day 2013 - Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future
Día Mundial del Turismo 2012
Partnering with the Media in Challenging Times: 2nd UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and the Media
UNWTO Press Conference – International tourism results and World Tourism Day 2012
UNWTO Tour Operators’ Forum on the Silk Road - Creating a Stronger Business Environment for Growth
High Level Session on Tourism Trends and Outlook in the Mediterranean
UNWTO Silk Road Ministers' Meeting at ITB Berlin 2012
VI Foro de Liderazgo Turístico de Exceltur
Asamblea General - Decimonovena reunión
World Tourism Day
1st International Congress on Ethics and Tourism
El turismo en los titulares: 1a Conferencia Internacional de la OMT sobre Turismo y Medios de Comunicación
SEMINAR ON TOURISM ETHICS FOR ASIA AND THE PACIFIC: Responsible Tourism and Its Socio-Economic Impact on Local Communities