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Monday 2 December 2013
3rd UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and the Media: How new media is shaping the news

With the rise of the new media, both the media landscape and the way stories are being told are changing. Millions of consumers now have the possibility to directly engage in the editorial process due to faster than ever evolving technology. More recently, mobile technology and a myriad of applications...

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Friday 27 September 2013
World Tourism Day 2013 - Tourism and Water: Protecting our Common Future

World Tourism Day is celebrated annually on 27 September. Its purpose is to foster awareness among the international community of the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value. The event seeks to address the global challenges outlined in the UN Millennium...

Fri 27
Fri 27
Thursday 27 September 2012
World Tourism Day 2012

Tourism and Sustainable Energy: Powering Sustainable Development

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Thu 27
Thu 27
Thursday 26 April 2012
Partnering with the Media in Challenging Times: 2nd UNWTO International Conference on Tourism and the Media

Join UNWTO, as well as major names in tourism and the media industry, to debate tourism’s role in the evolving media landscape.

Gain key insights into tourism-related communications, media relations for destinations and the sector at large.

Access the tools to better understand:

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Thursday 8 March 2012
UNWTO Press Conference – International tourism results and World Tourism Day 2012 Thu 8 12:00
Thu 8 14:00
UNWTO Tour Operators’ Forum on the Silk Road - Creating a Stronger Business Environment for Growth

With its richly diverse cultural heritage and its wealth of natural tourism attractions spanning across 12,000 kilometres of ancient routes, the Silk Road as a unique network of tourism destinations has significant potential for growth. Commercial interest across the region has grown considerably in recent years, with ancient connections between the Middle East and Asia being revitalized in a surge of trade and investment in energy,...

Thu 8 11:00
Thu 8 13:00
Wednesday 7 March 2012
High Level Session on Tourism Trends and Outlook in the Mediterranean

Around one-third of all international tourists arrive in the Mediterranean, making it the world’s most visited region. Today, destinations around the Mediterranean face several challenges – economic, political and environmental. What trends are affecting the region and what is the outlook for mature and emerging destinations in the region? What challenges and opportunities face these destinations in the long-term and how can they adapt to...

Wed 7 14:00
Wed 7 15:00
UNWTO Silk Road Ministers' Meeting at ITB Berlin 2012



The Silk Road is one of the world’s most recognised and celebrated travel and trade routes of all time. At this...

Wed 7 11:00
Wed 7 12:30
Tuesday 17 January 2012
VI Exceltur´s Tourism Leadership Forum


“Tourism a key driver of economic growth and employment:
Policies to enhance competitiveness”

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Tue 17 19:30
Monday 10 October 2011
General Assembly - Nineteenth session

Important note:
In compliance with the United Nations system’s environmental protection policy, the working documents will not be distributed on paper at the venue of the event. Therefore, the delegates are requested to bring with them copies of the documents.

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