Zagreb Declaration on Positioning Tourism in the Media



This declaration was issued by the over 400 tourism stakeholders, media representatives, communications experts and international participants attending the first UNWTO INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE ON TOURISM AND THE MEDIA (Zagreb, Croatia, 12-13 September 2011).

Under the auspices of UNWTO, and in cooperation with the Government of the Republic of Croatia through the Ministry of Tourism, the conference aimed to position tourism higher in the media agenda under the title: Tourism in the Headlines.


‘Tourism has become one of the driving forces of global employment, economic security and social well-being of the 21st century. The sector today represents 5% of global GDP, one in twelve jobs worldwide, and 30% of the world’s exports of services, ranking fourth after fuels, chemicals and automotive products.


‘Given its undisputed economic, social and environmental relevance, tourism deserves a level of editorial recognition which is only slowly emerging. Media coverage has traditionally limited tourism to the travel pages, overlooking the sector’s capacity to provide skills, revenue and growth to local economies, particularly in developing countries. 


‘Increasing media coverage of tourism, and enhancing its accuracy, will result in greater awareness and support for the sector among not only the general public, but decision makers and the business world. This support translates into the political recognition and public policies that can fully harness tourism’s potential to deliver on economic growth, job creation and sustainable development. 


‘A strong working partnership is required between the tourism community and the media, to understand, support and strengthen the sector and maximize its contribution to global prosperity and well-being.


In order to move towards this alliance, concerted effort should be directed towards:


  1. Creating an active dialogue between tourism administrations, the private sector and the media on global tourism development, with a focus on improving access to quality information and increased collaboration and understanding between all involved;
  1. Positioning tourism as a driver of economic growth, job creation and sustainable development;
  1. Raising awareness of the overall value of tourism, going beyond the tourism sector, among the business community and general public through the media;
  1. Adopting the tools and technologies of the 21st century for communication in tourism;
  1. Supporting the actions envisaged by UNWTO aimed at strengthening the relationship between the international tourism community and mainstream, specialized, international and local media.
For the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

For the Government of the Republic of Croatia



Taleb Rifai



H.E. Mr. Damir Bajs

Minister of Tourism

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