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19 Dec 14
Press Release
Prime Minister of Albania receives UNWTO/WTTC Open Letter on Travel and Tourism
The UNWTO/WTTC Open Letter on Travel and Tourism calls upon heads of State and Government worldwide to acknowledge tourism's key role in delivering a more sustainable and balanced growth and to...
18 Dec 14
Press Release
International tourism on track to end 2014 with record numbers
Between January and October 2014, the volume of international tourists (overnight visitors) reached 978 million, 45 million more than in the same period of 2013. With an increase of 4.7%,...
17 Dec 14
Press Release
UNWTO and UNESCO to organize first World Conference on Tourism and Culture
Cultural tourism can contribute to inclusive economic growth, social development and cultural preservation. The first UNWTO/UNESCO World Conference on Tourism and Culture will provide an...
15 Dec 14
Press Release
3rd Global Summit on City Tourism: Looking for New Paradigms
Tourism has become a central component of the economy, social life and the geography of many cities in the world and is ideally positioned to contribute to seize the opportunities stemming from...
10 Dec 14
Press Release
Tourism can protect and promote religious heritage
According to UNWTO estimates, 300 to 330 million tourists visit the world´s key religious sites every year, with approximately 600 million national and international religious voyages in the world,...

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